The mystical East awaits in 88 Fortunes, a real online slot with a 5×3 grid and 243 paylines! This title from SG Gaming takes players back to Ancient China, with classic imagery from the civilization including iconic boats, pots and statues, as well as a soundtrack that feels like it came straight out of a big-budget Hollywood film.

When it comes to the gameplay, 88 Fortunes offers players the scatters, wilds and free spins you can find in many other online slots for real money, as well as a bonus game that could lead to incredible progressive jackpot wins!

How to Play 88 Fortunes

  1. 88 Fortunes offers players a great deal of choice when it comes to wagers and wins.
  • First, players can set the value of each credit, or coin, that they want to wager with each spin. You can set the Bet Per Spin multiplier to a minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 1.
  • You must also decide how much Gold you want to buy. You can select one to five Gold symbols, which not only give you access to higher-value symbols on the reels but also unlock the Jackpot prizes, depending on the level you select. Selecting one Gold will cost eight credits, while all five will cost you 88. These credits are then multiplied by the Bet Per Spin to give you your total stake. The minimum stake is $0.08 while the maximum is $88.

2. Players will also have the option to set the number of autospins, with options of 10, 50, 100 and 200 available, and for autospins to stop when you lose more than a certain amount, or when you win more than a certain amount. Once you’ve configured the autospin settings you can just select Start, and the reels will spin!

3. If you aren’t interested in using the autospin options and prefer to spin the reels yourself, simply click the Spin button to find out if luck is on your side!

Payout and Return to Player

The payouts in 88 Fortunes are dramatically affected by the amount you wager and the Gold you purchase before each spin, with certain symbols and jackpots only available if you purchase two or more Golds, and place large wagers. For example, you stand a chance to win 1,000 coins if you land five of the golden eagles and have made the max wager. 

Depending on how many Golds you purchased, the amount that you wager and the number of Fu Bat symbols that appear on the reels, players can also win one of the game’s four jackpots. 

The four jackpots are as follows:

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Minor Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Grand Jackpot.

Players must land at one Fu Bat symbol to stand a chance to win a jackpot, but if you land more, you might be eligible for multiple jackpots. If this is the case, you’ll be taken to an additional mini-game, where you must choose from 12 coins. If you reveal three matching symbols, you’ll receive the matching jackpot.

88 Fortunes offers you an RTP (return to player) of 96%, with a high variance. This means wins may be less frequent, but when they do occur the payouts are likely to be larger than you’d get from a low-to-medium variance slot.

Start Playing 88 Fortunes

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