Introduced by HKSAR in 2017, the Hong Kong PAR for citizens of India is an Electronic Travel Authorization that permits Indian passport holders to travel to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The Pre-Arrival Registration for Hong Kong from India can be obtained through a simple online form, replacing the former visa on arrival for Indian nationals. The PAR program saves travelers from having to wait in line at the border.

An approved PAR visitor eVisa waiver for Indians is a multiple entry Pre Registration authorization which allows the holder multiple stays in Hong Kong of up to 14 days with each entry. The Hong Kong PAR for Indian citizens is valid for 6 months from the date of approval.

The Hong Kong Pre Arrival application from India can be completed in a few minutes online, by supplying personal and passport information. Applicants must have a Indian passport valid for at least 6 months and answer some security questions before they can complete the form and receive an approved Pre-Arrival authorization for Hong Kong.

Once a PAR for Indian citizens is approved, the traveler is able to present a printed copy of the approved HK PAR notification slip upon arrival at any point of entry in Hong Kong, as well as the same Indian passport they used when completing the PAR application.

It is also necessary to present an Arrival/Departure Card for immigration clearance upon arrival and departure from the HKSAR. Transport operators will also check if the holder has a valid Hong Kong PAR enrollment before they are permitted to board any form of transportation to the SAR.

Holders of a HK PAR for Indian nationals are able to stay in Hong Kong beyond the expiry date of the travel authorization, as long as the holder enters HKSAR the day before the PAR expires for a maximum stay of 14 days.

HK PAR allows the holder to travel to Hong Kong to visit family and friends, for tourism, business, or transit. To work or study, it is necessary to apply for one of the different types of visa for Hong Kong at an embassy or consulate.

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