Fire-Breathing Dragon Slots

Spanning aeons of legends and fantasy stories, no mythical creature captures our imagination quite like those massive draconian beasts. Is it any wonder that Dragon themed slots are so popular?

Some slot themes make sense. So fruity games are famously here because the first slots you won fruit flavoured gum, whilst games with Indiana Jones adventurer bring an idea of excitement and raiding golden temples, and everyone loves a good story enough to want to play on a romantic slot machine.

But it amazed us when we first started writing this list to find just how many online slots with Dragons there are, and how popular they’ve become for players all over the world.

It shouldn’t have surprised us. Because it turns out that giant flying lizards have been part of our mythology all the way to ancient Mesopotamia, far into the far east, through to the medieval princess stealing Dragon.

There is something wonderful about these fantastical beasts that bring to us dreams of giant hordes of golden treasures and rubies, guarded by (at times) vicious, (at times) wise and generous, fire breathing wyverns to conquer.

When you put it that way, you can absolutely understand how Dragon slot themes make absolutely perfect sense for a casino game. You never quite know if you’ll get the generous or the vicious beast.

What makes a good Dragon online slot?

Our list below has slots with Dragons and then it also has Dragon slots. What’s the difference?

Well, the first is a slot game where Dragons happen to feature in the casino game – often as the antagonist. So in Samurai Ken by Fantasma, the main villain is the Dragon he must slay. In the Prissy Princess slot from Play’n GO, the Dragon is one of the characters who complete the classic tale of Princess, Knight and Kings.

But the best Dragon mobile slots are the one where the beast of the day is the main event and the main draw. You may come in looking for the hobbit, but you really fell in love with Smaug, and that’s why you are here reading this list of Android and iOS-friendly games.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes because Legendary creatures have the happy advantage that they can look like anything and anyone that can imagine them.

The classic winged four-legged Dragons

Chances are if you live in the West when you think of Dragons you have a very clear image. They have wings, they can fly, the breath fire, they look like a giant lizard who will happily eat you in one bite.

Think Game of Thrones, Narnia, Dungeons & Dragons, Lord the Rings… that’s your classic western Dragon slots inspired games.

They tend to be a little bit on the nastier side if we are honest, or certainly not tame by any means of the word. High Fantasy Dragons are creatures of power, sometimes intelligent, but only a few crunches away from being monstrous.

The reason why it works as a slot machine is because of the fact that you never quite know what you are going to get. Sometimes you get the wise and intelligent wyverns or the cruel and nasty gold hoarding firedrake who won’t give you a dime.

The Oriental Dragons of good fortune and the Far East

Dragons from the Orient look a little different from the Western approach, mostly because they look like giant snakes with four legs and can generally fly without wings.

In fact, if you go back centuries, this is the more traditional way to view dragons – as giant snake-like creatures with elaborate whiskers and bright colours.

They tend to be intelligent creatures, more akin to gods than a mythical beast, bringing good fortune, rain and influence peoples live.

In China during many important festivals, you’ll get elaborate constructions of dragons made from grass, cloth, bamboo strips, and paper, which are they paraded and danced through the city. Add the Chinese Zodiac and the year of the Dragon, and there’s no surprise that Chinese Dragons slots feature heavily in this list.

What are the best mobile slots with Dragons?

You should know that there are lots of great Dragon games that keep coming out month after month. We will update this best Dragon list as new ones come out, but these are some of our favourites for good reasons.

There’s a whole mix of different types of slot machines in this list. We don’t favour the orient, the West, Egypt or Norse sea serpents.

  1. Fortune Lucky by Live5: The Far East wins our list with a game that has to be played in Portrait because it starts with a decent 576 ways to win and increases to a huge 25,088. Add scatters, wilds, click me bonus and free spins and you have everything you need in one game.
  2. Tower Quest by Play’n GO: With 20 paylines, a mini-card game and guaranteed triggered bonus, this may not be a traditional Dragon phone game, but with wizards and high fantasy elements, the Dragon will be your friend in defeating the evils within and conquering the dungeons.
  3. Double Happiness by Aristocrat: We had to have an Aristocrat slot game in there and this is as traditional as you can get with wilds, scatters, and multipliers in the free spin bonus game. You get double the happiness because the two wild symbols roam around the screen, hopefully giving you up to 10x multiplier on a win.
  4. Dragon’s Fire by Red Tiger Games: One of the newest software providers on the list, and yet if you love slots with multipliers you’ll love this little gem. With Dragons front and centre, this has got some fire and heat as every win increases the multiplier all the way up to 50x. It’s crazy fierce.
  5. Double Dragons by Yggdrasil Gaming: Not one of the most well-known games in this best mobile phone slot list, but you know what? Sometimes it’s all about finding those hidden gems, and this is it. Double Dragons has stacks of wilds, free spins and cascading avalanching reels for some huge volatile wins.

If nothing else this is a great place to get started on your journey to finding the perfect Dragon game for you, whether you love basilisks, wyverns, giant lizards or multi-headed hydras. There will be a real money game here for you.

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