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What Coin Master Is?

Coin Master is a casual and strategy mobile game. It is a base-building game, available on Android and iOS. Here you need to collect coins by a slots machine. Then using those coins, you need to build your base and upgrade them to higher levels. If you finding the best casual mobile game then you should play Coin master.

Here you can play with multiple levels and battle with your friends, and competitors. You can get lots of objects to battle and play the game. Here you need to pick up the slots machine and collect coins to start building the base and upgrade them.

But it is also not necessary to use the machine only and still you can get lots of free spin and coins for your Coin Master game for free. You can earn coins and spins easily by clicking on the links.

How To Get Free Coin Master Spins and Coins in Coin Master

To enjoy the Coin Master game on your mobile device, you need more coins and spins also. If you have more and more coins, you can complete the levels, modes, and build your dream base.

And today we provide all the best tricks and ways to claim the free coins and spins rewards as quickly as possible. That’s way, you enjoy playing the game more with your friends and family. So, let’s find out how to get or claim free coin and spin rewards in Coin Master.

1) Spin & Coin Links in Coin Master

It is the best and easy way to get free gift coins and spins in the game. It is also a quick way to get those amazing rewards but you need the links to claim them. The developer shares the daily gift links on their official social media page and emails. Also, you can find the spin and coin links at the top of this page. We collect those active spin and coin links daily and provide them on this page for you. So, you can easily get the gift coins and spins on the game.

Those gift links are very helpful for complete the levels and upgrade your base. If you want to claim bonuses and rewards then check the upper collect link.

2) Collect Spins on the Events

The event is a good scope to collect lots of free spins in Coin Master. You only need to participate in the events and then complete them by playing the game. After completing the events you get massive rewards.

Sometimes, you may get amazing rewards and bonuses as an event gift. For example 70 spin links, 200 spin links, 400 spin links. In fact, you may get free spins up to 50000. So, don’t miss out on the events and definitely try to complete the event.

3) By Asking and Sharing with Your Friends

If you have friends who also play the Coin Master game then you can ask them to share the spins. It is the best and effortless way to gain more spins. When you sign up for the game with your Facebook friends then you may find social media friends also. So, check it and then make friends for getting more spins and coins. As you can see, if you have more friends, you can get more free spins in Coin Master.

But one thing you need to remember is, only you can receive the free spins from your friends when you have less than 50 spins. Otherwise, you can’t do it. So, send and receive free spins with your friends and enjoy the game.

4) Watching the Rewarded Video Ad

You may notice, lots of games are provide bonuses by showing the rewarded video ad to their users. Here the Coin Master also gives you an opportunity to earn one free spin by watching a video ad on your mobile device. You do no need to do anything just wait for the video ad to end and then you get a spin for free.

make sure that you have less than 10 spins on the game. Otherwise you are unable to get the free spin by watching the video ad.

5) Play More and Earn Hourly Spin Rewards

The hourly free spin reward is pretty amazing and if you play more then you can earn more spins. Each hour, Coin Master provides up to 5 spins for free and you can claim it easily while playing.

If I talk about the stocks, means how many free spins you can stock, then it depends on the game level. The maximum you can stock the free hourly spins is 70 spins. So, to utilize the scope, you need to play the game as much as possible, and then your score also grows quickly.

All Features and Coin Master Gameplay

No doubt that coin master is a pretty interesting game where you can be a Coin Master and raid your friend’s village. Also, travel the magical lands and battle with your competitor gamer to be King.

Here you have to earn more coins by performing the slots machine, attack another player base, and raid your friend’s villages. Also, there are lots of interesting levels available to play.

Spin the Slots Machine Wheel to Earn Loot

The Slots Machine is the main part of the Coin Master game and you will be spending more and more time in it. Here you can see three wheels and you need to spin them by click on the below Spin button. When you open the game, you will find the Slots Machine first and when you swipe down then you can see your village or base. As you can see, the main two things are the Slots Machine and Village.

You can see the number of available free spins at the bottom of the Slots Machine. When you use one Spin, it will go down and if you match the different symbols, you get the awards. After one spin, you need to wait for regenerate and you need to match that different symbol in a row. Here you can find out all the awards in those different symbols.

  • Gold coin sacks – Earn more Coins.
  • Win Shields – Protect or Guard your village against other players who try to attack you.
  • Hammer – Attack or Raid other player village and loot coins.
  • Pig Robber – Raid your friend’s village.
  • Energy Capsule – It gives you 10 more spins for free.

Gold Coin Sacks

As the name shows that you will get coins in it. When you spin the Slots Machine, you can get the Gold Coin Sacks or bag and it helps you to earn more gold coins. Now, you no need to match the entire row with the Gold Coin Bag, if the slots machine gives you one bag then you get some coins in it. Similarly more gold sacks give you more coins rewards. Those gold coins are very necessary to upgrade the base and game levels.

Win Shields and Defend the Village

Actually, the Shield defends your village from the opponents. But make sure that the Shields can’t protect your Raids and your opponents can get loots from your base. Also, you need to remember that you only store a maximum of three shields and if you have a single shield then your village is protected. If your enemy attacks you then your building will not break and the star rating also not go down.

Similarly, if you try to attack another player base and they have a shield then you can’t damage the building. Only you can get the maximum coins loot and the star rating also not go down. It is the main benefit of the Shield.

Hammer Attack

If the Slots Machine gives you Hammer in a row then you are able to attack another player base and loot coins. When you get a Hammer then you can see the opponent player base. Now, you can attack the building and raid coins, and earn the star rating with Instander APK and play Stumble Guys hack for free.

When you install the Coin Master game and you signup with Facebook then you can choose your Facebook friends who also play this game. Otherwise, the game randomly chooses the opponent player and you need to attack them with your Hammer. And you can use the best game called BitLife MOD APK and BitLife BR MOD APK.

Raid with Pig Robber

It is another great way to earn more coins easily but you need the Pig Robber in a row in Slots Machine. The symbol is a laughing pig wearing a mask and it helps you to raid and gain gold coins. Here you no need to attack another base and with only a few clicks, you can get lots of coins.

When you get the Pig symbol, you will be taken to your village and you can see some round points. You only need to hole this point and then you get a good amount of gold coins. There are three points that have coins and some of them are empty.

The Energy Capsule

The Energy Capsules is a very useful symbol and if you match this symbol in the Slots Machine, then you can get 10 more Spins. In fact, those free spins also give you more energy capsules for free Coin Master Spins.

How you can get new spins on Coin Master?

Usually, all the free Coin Master free spins link shared on the official Facebook and Twitter account. Now, we already collect all the new spins links and check them for you. And the best part is you get all those working spin and coin links on one page.

So, you can visit the Facebook page of Coin Master and then check the entire latest link. After getting the link, click on it and claim the prizes.

Does the Coin Master Free Spin Link Expire or Not?

Yes definitely, most of the Spin link will expire in three days and then you can’t claim the prizes and bonuses. So, that we separate all the links with dates and try to provide the latest links for you. So, you can get Free Spins and Coins on the game.

What are the benefits of the Cards in Coin Master?

Cards are a very important element in this game and you should collect all the Cards to claim new gifts and bonuses. You have to collect nine same theme cards to claim new spins for free. Also, there are many other prizes are available on the Cards.

How you can get Coin Master 70 Spins for free?

Basically, Coin Master provides 10 Spins, 25 Spins, 50 Spins, 70 Spins, etc but it’s very rare. You have to play the game and participate in all the events and complete them. On this page, we try to provide the maximum spins link for you. When Coin Master shares it, you can see it on this page. So, check our website to get Coin Master 70 Spins.

How to increase Stars and What does it mean in Coin Master?

If you want to increase more stars then you should play the game as much as possible. Like when you build the building, participate in events, and collect cards the Stars are increasing.

The Stars shows your points, levels. If you more Stars compare to your competitor player then you have a chance to win the game.


In this post, we provide Coin Master free spins and coins and you can easily collect them by click on the link. Also we discuss the best way to get free spins and coins with ease. I hope you understand and claim the daily free coin, spin rewards.

If you like the post then share it with your friends. Also comment us if you have any suggestion or query. Keep visiting our website to get daily new spin links.

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