Online slots are now the run-to for punters because online slot developers have created slots that can be played anywhere and anytime. These online slots are games developed by top providers like Habanero.

They offer slots that give punters the opportunity to play best mobile slots with hundreds of informative and exciting game types and game modes. Habanero provides both free games and real money games. With Habanero games, you might be confused about the games to play.

Habanero online slot

Though the habanero slot hasn’t been around for too long, it has made an impact within a short period. Its games are very easy and thrilling to play. Apart from the entertainment aspect of the game, you also get to enjoy its action part, which keeps you on your toes. If you are not a fan of online slots but prefer walking into casinos to play, worry less because the games Habanero offer are just the mobile versions of traditional slot machines and table games. They have interesting and fun-filled games that keep you glued to the site. Here is a list of the best Habanero Slots you can find online.

1.    Santa’s Village

Santa’s village is one of the Habanero’s Christmas-themed slots with lots of bonuses and prizes to be won as a package for the season. It is a medium variance game with an RTP of 82%.

2.    Four Divine Beasts

This is one of the most engaging and exciting Habanero online slots, with an RTP of 80% and over 200 ways to win and numerous bonuses.

3.    London Hunter

This is one of the most popular games from Habanero. London Hunters have amazing sound, awesome graphics and imageries with an RTP of 97.94%.

4.    Fortune Dogs

It is one of Habanero’s online slots that take its roots from Asian themes with an RTP of 98%. It is one of the best Habanero Slots that favours the punters and allows you to get huge money if you hit the jackpot.

5.    Presto

This game welcomes you with imaginary sounds that immediately make you a part of the game. It offers 98% RTP. You know what that means when you win.

6.    Dragon’s Throne

If you are a lover of tasks and adventure, this Habanero online slot game is for you. It takes you through series of task that allows you fight different types of dragon’s and keep their princesses if you win. This game is so exciting as you won’t be bored for a minute while playing.

Final Take 

You cannot come across the Habanero game and click on something else or play another game. Its amazing graphics are the first contact with you because developers know that punters don’t enjoy a game with low graphical quality. Apart from the amazing quality, Habanero online slots offer you fun from the beginning of the game to the last point where you go home with bonuses or even real cash. The games are within your reach, don’t miss out!

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