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Easy slot hacks to help you play, win and enjoy more!

Slots has become the most popular casino game that has ever been invented. It forms over 50% of the revenue in casinos and racinos in the US, is easily found in Canada, Europe and Australia, and now growing in other parts of the world. For some venues, slot machines can generate more than 90% of total gaming revenue, even when coupled with other casino table games that are also on offer. And some venues simply have slot machines. This just goes to show how popular slots are!

You would think that the majority of Players would know a lot of traps to avoid, given how popular slots is. But it’s astounding to discover that many Players are missing out on some really great slot hacks.

If winning and extending your bank roll is important to you, then please read on.


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Hack 1. Don’t try and beat the system

Replicating the winning pattern of a slot machine is impossible. At the heart of it, are very complex algorithms. Don’t try and beat the system.

The design of a slot machine is to give random results which are to pay out in an uneven distribution. Coupled with this, the effect of the uneven distribution is to build up the suspense – simplistically as a string of losses followed by an incredible win. This randomness of an incredible win is structured so that playing slots entices Players to keep going until the jackpot comes. And this is what makes slots so exciting!

Understanding randomness, knowing that it is created by computer logic, is what trips many slot Players. In our minds, we know that another human being created a “winning pattern logic” for the slot machine. And sometimes when we play slots we can easily think “yep, I know when it’s going to pay out big!” We know it’s not really random, because our fellow computer IT programmer created a maths formula for it. And of course, what happens next is that the wagered amounts get bigger and bigger, and suddenly it’s all gone. The bank roll has vanished, and it’s all over, nothing left. Avoid the trap of thinking you know the winning pattern – whether it be hot or cold machines, jumping on a machine after another Player has won (or lost) and so on.

Hack 2. Pay attention to denomination pay out ratios

Win more on the higher denominated slot machines. They have a higher pay out ratio.

This may come as a surprise, however it is the lower denominated slot machines that have the worst pay out ratios. That’s right, the low penny slot machines pay out at a poor 80% to 85% range. Many Players are drawn to the low line betting slot machines, believing that they can play longer with the potential of winning more and winning big. This strategy would make sense if the pay out ratios of all the slot machines are the same, but they are not.

Below I list out the approximate pay out ratios by denomination:

  • 25 cent machines roughly return 85% to 88%.
  • 50 cent machines roughly return 89% to 90%
  • $1 machines return roughly 90% to 91%
  • $5 machines return 92% to 93%
  • And machines wagering higher 93% to 98%.

Don’t be confused, believing that on the 25 cent machine more lines can be played (because smaller amount), whilst on the $5 machine less lines. And therefore you will win more often on the 25 cent machine. No, No, No… it’s doesn’t matter how small or big you wager, the pay out ratio is the pay out ratio. If you wager on more lines vs less lines, it makes no difference, the pay out ratio remains the same. The mind tricks you with the small vs big denomination perspective.

Hack 3. Align excitement to winning patterns

Alignment will prevent a sudden ALL IN wager. It helps keep your bank roll alive.

In general, the regularity of hitting a win on a slot machine decreases with the size of the jackpot.

Therefore, if you are seeking for an experience of more frequent small wins, then look for a slot machine with a smaller jackpot, make sure it is not interlinked and not progressive.

Frequency of wins can vary from as little as 7% to 25% of the number of rounds played. The frequency, however, doesn’t mean that one machine will have a lower pay out ratio than another. They could both have the same pay out ratio, but the distribution of winnings can vary greatly in amount.

Hack 4. Avoid Progressive

Avoid interlinked progressive slot machines.

If you are playing interlinked progressive slots, then the pay out ratios are significantly lower than listed in the Pay Out Ratio Hack. This is because the pooling of funds drives a lower average pay out to Players. In particular, avoid the large jackpot interlinked progressive slot machines. These behave like lotto with the odds of winning excessively low.

The odds of winning on interlinked progressive type machines, is on par with playing Powerball i.e. it is ridiculously low. That’s not to say you can’t win, but it is really really really low. Say like, 1,000,000,000 to 1. You need more than a life time to play all the combinations!

Hack 5. Play at Singles

Play at independent slot machines, the odds of winning are higher.

Progressive slot machines can be classed into three groups:

  1. Intercasino-linked – the jackpot can be won in any casino that is part of the network. The jackpot is usually huge because it is pooling the funds from all players on the network. Example: Megabucks
  2. In-house – Players using the same machine accumulate towards the jackpot. Can still offer huge winnings, but not connected to a larger pool like intercasino linked.
  3. Single/Independent – one Player drives the progressive jackpot.

As previously mentioned, avoid playing the intercasino linked progressive slots as the odds of winning are ridiculously low.

Progressive slot machines to look for are therefore the single/independent. And if you are looking for more frequent payout, the lower offered jackpots are the slot machines to play at.

Hack 6. Online Slots have better pay out ratios

Play Online Slots: pay out ratios online can be higher by up to 5%.

Online Slots (and mobile) behave very much in the same fashion as casino slots. In fact they are exactly the same! The only difference is that the output is through a web browser or mobile phone, whilst at a land based casino it’s via a machine.

Often the trust factor is much lower for Online Slots than slot machines. There is a misconception that Online Slots are programmed to scam gullible players as there is no regulation, whilst land based slot machines can be trusted because they are regulated.

This cannot be further than the truth. Both Online Casinos and land based casinos are regulated, must purchase a license and abide by laws. In fact, in some cases the land based casinos are less transparent. Take for instance, native American casinos in the US, they are allowed to be self regulated and are not required to disclose their pay out ratios.

The pay out ratios for Online Slots are far better than those offered at land based casinos. This is due to lower overhead costs – easier to maintain, no cash to handle, no venue to be kept and greater audience reach.

Hack 7. Put less in the bank roll

Don’t feel obligated to use up all the bank roll.

Often I see Players at slot machines with the need to “suddenly” leave. And in the bank roll there remains an easy hundred or so dollars left. So what happens? The Player bets big and on many lines, just to complete the gaming session and to use up the remaining bank roll!

Don’t do this. Leave with money in the bank roll or, if you can’t, then play with less in the bank roll to start with. If you need to top up later, you can. But don’t start with too much bank roll to then feel obligated to spend it all.


Although slots is a popular and easy game to play, our goal in GambleDex is to inform you of winning tips and strategies that may not be well known and used. We refer to them as slot hacks and have summarized them for you in 7 concise points.

Anyone can implement these 7 hacks, they don’t require any great effort or an IQ of Einstein. They are so simple that anyone can use them, and yet they will help increase winnings and extend the bank roll.

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