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Slot machines are extremely popular in casinos for a variety of reasons and are usually available at most gambling venues unless explicitly prohibited. In place of slots, some states may offer racinos, video gaming machines, and scratch lotteries to simulate a similar experience – this guide will help players navigate the legality of slot gambling in the US at brick and mortar destinations and through online casino options that are available to players 18 and over.

Our industry professionals have also created guides for 18+ blackjack, 18+ baccarat, 18+ video poker, keno, and even 18 and up live dealer games online.

Can 18 Year Olds Legally Play Slots Online In 2023?

Domestically, eighteen-year-old players can only access slot gambling at venues with an established minimum gambling age of 18 and over. Certain states do not permit access to commercial casinos or gambling in general to players younger than 21 years of age.

However, if there is a tribal community with a Class III gaming compacts usually offer access to their games to young adults more often than not. This is due to the tribal casinos right to determine their own minimum gambling ages regardless of state standards.

On the other hand, several states have expressly barred gambling altogether and have no tribes within their borders. In which case, online 18+ slots allow gamblers a legally sanctioned alternative.

Best 18+ Online Slots To Play For Real Money In 2023

Online slot games should only be played at a responsible and reliable destination such as a licensed online casino that is regulated through a legitimate governing jurisdiction, such as the destinations listed in this guide.  Some regions in the US also offer domestic online slots games through state-regulated online casinos, including New Jersey and Delaware, among others.

States with 18+ Slots Gambling Options

There are a handful of states within the United States which allow 18+ casino gambling, specifically eighteen plus access to slot machines. The following 10 states provide some form of legal slot machine gambling for young adults.

  • California (tribal casinos may offer slots)
  • Georgia (on cruises only)
  • Oklahoma (certain tribal casinos)
  • Michigan (casinos which do not serve alcohol)
  • Minnesota (video electronic slots only)
  • Rhode Island (video slot machines only)
  • Washington (certain 18+ casinos can be commercial or tribal)
  • Wyoming
  • Florida (certain 18+ casinos)
  • Idaho (video slots only)

Online Slots for 18+ Players

Online slot games can be played anytime, anywhere thanks to widespread mobile compatibility. This means any tablet or smartphone can act as a mobile slot machine and enable players to enjoy themselves from either a browser or downloadable app. Utilizing online slots can also provide monetary benefits as online casinos typically provide sign-up bonuses and promotions as playing incentives.

Mobile Slots – Can I Play Real Money Slots Games On My Phone or Tablet?

Slots are not only the most popular online casino games, but they’re also the most technologically advanced. With full-screen multi-reel displays, realistic sounds, and engaging animations, online gamblers used to have to download special software to enjoy these titles. Now, however, all modern mobile browsers support online mobile slots play, and you can pull the crank on iPhone and Android handsets as well as tablets of all makes and models.

Because of the sheer variety of slots (most top-rated mobile casinos have hundreds of different games on tap), you may not want to risk real money on an unknown title. Fortunately, you don’t have to! The best Internet gambling sites offer free slots as well, so you can learn how each different game is scored – and try out all the literal bells and whistles – before plunking down any actual cash. As long as you’re at least 18, you can play real slots online, quickly and conveniently.

Types of Slots Games Available Online

Online sites can offer a variety of slot games and slot types including three-reel classic slots, multi-pay line slots, video slots, 3D slots, and progressive slots. The latter three have become widely popular after the 80’s video slot boom and all utilize cutting-edge graphics, sounds, and branded content to keep players interested in the game.

Online slots software providers are able to compete with brick and mortar casinos due to their sophisticated gaming solutions that deliver a unique gaming experience.  Here is a sample of an iSlot created by BetSoft Gaming, one of the leading software solutions that power the licensed 18+ online casinos in this guide. The animation is engaging, about a minute and a half into this video you’ll see the bonus round that plays like a video game.

The slots you see at the online casinos accepting young adults includes these kinds of games.  This software provider has developed a library of cinematic, 3D video slot games that really do provide a high-quality gaming experience.  Here is a video that showcases their latest games and the type of creativity and animation that is integrated into their games.


Are 18+ Slots Legal in the US?

Eighteen and over access to slot gambling is permissible in states with 18+ casino gambling so long as the particular venue the gamblers are participating at allows young players. There are several states in which 18+ slot machine access is outlawed that is because states maintain the power to allow or forbid certain forms of gambling.

If Slots Are Not Legal In My State Why Are They Legal Online?

So long as the online slot games provided come from a legally sanctioned offshore host then they are considered legal to offer. Unless states express prohibitive actions against online gambling like WA and CT then residents can legally access licensed and regulated online games from overseas. This is due to the United States inhibitability to regulate another legally governing jurisdiction.

What Difference Does It Make to Play Slots At A Physical Casino vs Online?

There are two clear differences between virtual slots and physical slot machines, both relate to how the player experiences the game. A player can expect to be simulated with bright visuals and loud sounds online and in-person, in addition, real slot machines no longer have a crank and utilize buttons just like online slot games do.

Main differences relate to travel and the accessibility of playing, physical slot venues require some traveling and have set operation hours which means when the venue closes the player’s game ends. With online slots, there is no required travel since it can be played on any computer or phone and players can play slots 24/7 without interruption.

Are Online Slot Games Fair?

Online slots are considered fair if they utilize functional RNG technology which ensures fair gameplay and totally random outcomes using complex and secure algorithms. This technology provides an authentic gaming experience and prevents players from being cheated, to which all our recommended brands ensure. To certify RNG technology is functional and fair, third-party testing agencies audit sites that use the technology to certify compliance with fair gaming practices and regulatory standards.

What Games Are Similar To Slots?

There are several games which can provide the same excitement as slots. If a player is looking for something simple that does not require a lot of strategic wagering, then instant scratch lottery games, as well as, bingo and keno can offer a similar form of entertainment.

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